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Author's Corner: Home

Writing, publishing and sharing resources for Fred Hutch authors.

How We Can Help

The library has many resources available to help you write, publish or share your work.  Browse the boxes below or the tabs above to learn more about how we can help you through this process!

Writing Resources

Writing ResourcesBefore sharing your work you need to create it!  Learn more about resources to help you write your papers, books and more.  The Writing Resources page includes links to popular usage and style guides, help with citation managment tools such as EndNote and Reference Manager, and more.

Publishing Resources

Printing PressYou have written a paper and are ready to publish - but where?  The library has tools to help you evaluate journals so you can make informed decisions before submitting.  Additionally, learn more about open access journals and publishing. 

NIH Public Access Policy Compliance

If you're publishing in scholarly journals and receive NIH-funding, then the NIH Public Access Policy most likely applies to you.  Visit our NIH Compliance page to learn more about the NIH Public Access Policy, what this applies to, what you need to do and how the library can help you.

Sharing Your Work

Authors@fhcrc.orgYou've written a paper or created some kind of work that you'd like to share with your colleagues or students.  We can help you determine whether you have the right to share your publications and we may even be able host it for you in our Institutional Repository.  Visit our guide on Sharing your Work to learn more.

Copyright & Reuse

Copyright SymbolDo you know what your rights under the author agreements you sign when publishing?  Visit our Copyright & Reuse guide to learn about copyright, fair use and what you should be considering when signing licenses and agreements to publish.


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The Publishing Process

Click on the image below to see our flow chart detailing the publishing process.

Flow Chart