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Citation and Paper Management Tools: Reference Manager

How to use tools for managing your a collection of citations or journal articles.

Reference Manager is Defunct

Reference Manager is no longer supported by the vendor.  We do not recommend using it.  Fred Hutch faculty and staff are welcome to contact us for assistance in moving their preexisting Reference Manager libraries into an alternate system such as EndNote.

What is Reference Manager?

Reference Manager

  • Reference Manager is an online search tool—it provides a simple way to search online bibliographic databases and retrieve the references directly into Reference Manager. (Reference Manager can also import data files saved from a variety of online services and library databases.)
  • Reference Manager is a reference database—it specializes in storing, managing, and searching for bibliographic references in your personal reference database.
  • Reference Manager is a bibliography maker—it formats citations in Microsoft® Word or Corel® WordPerfect® with the Cite While You Write™ feature. Watch the reference list grow as you insert citations in your manuscript.

Why use Reference Manager?

  • Ability to install on a network for sharing references among a group
  • Save frequently-run searches
  • Build customized bibliographies based on any field term

Getting Started

Reference Manager is a client-based software program.  To purchase, contact the Fred Hutch Purchasing department for current pricing or purchase directly from Thomson Reuters, Inc.

For information on installing Reference Manager, download the Getting Started guide.

System Requirements:
Reference Manager runs under the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP, with Service Pack 2 or later applied
  • Windows Vista

Hardware Requirements:

  • A 450 MHz or higher Pentium-class CPU
  • A minimum of 256 MB of available RAM
  • A hard drive with at least 180 MB of free space
  • In order to use Reference Manager’s Internet Search command or to use the Web Publisher component, an Internet connection is required. To use the Open Link command to access a website, you also need a Web browser installed.

Using Reference Manager (v12)

Building a Reference Manager Database - Learn how to search an online database and retrieve references, import references from a downloaded text file, insert a new reference, and spell check a reference.  To learn more, visit Chapter 4 of the Getting Started guide

Retrieving References in a Database - Learn how to create and save search strategies, and search a Reference Manager database. To learn more, visit Chapter 5 of the Getting Started guide

Printing Bibliographies from Reference Manager - Learn how to print directly from Reference Manager—a standard bibliography and a bibliography grouped by subject.  To learn more, visit Chapter 8 of the Getting Started guide

Cite While You Write (CWYW) - Format your in-text citations and create your bibliography without leaving your word processing system.  To learn more, visit Chapter 7 of the Getting Started guide

Subject Guide

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Reference Manager Help & Training

Visit Reference Manager Support and Training to access and download User Guides such as:

Join the Reference Manager User's Forum for troubleshooting.

Contact Reference Manager Technical Support Info

Or contact the library at or x4314.