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Citation and Paper Management Tools: Bookends

How to use tools for managing your a collection of citations or journal articles.

What is Bookends?






Bookends is a Mac only citation database that allows you to:

  • Do online searches and attach PDFs and images to the citation.
  • Use Reference cross-links which show the relationship between articles and allows you to leave notes/thoughts for later.
  • Syncronize your library between home, work, and group members.

Why use Bookends?

  • Bookends sync feature allows your database to be where you are.
  • Reference linking allows you to make notes and show connections, just like old fashion notecards.
  • Works with several different word processors.

Getting Started

Bookends is a client-based Mac only software program. To purchase, contact the Fred Hutch Purchasing department for current pricing or purchase directly from Sonny Software.

System Requirements:

  • Intel Macs and Mac OS X 10.7 or later

Compatible word processors:

  • Word 2011 & 2016
  • Mellel (including Live Bibliography, updating of citations and bibliographies as you type)
  • Nisus Writer Pro
  • Apple Pages
  • Nisus Writer Pro
  • Libre/OpenOffice Writer 4

Using Bookends

Online Search - Bookends allows you to search and upload from many online sources including PubMed and Web of Science. 

Attachments - You can attach a PDF, webpage, or anything you like to the citation in Bookends.

Tag Clouds - Tag clouds allow you to see terms associated with the article at a glance.  The more frequent the term the bigger and brighter the it is.

Reference Cross-Linking - Linking your references allows you to see relationships easily and allows you to make comments,  notes about a particular quote, or type something that may be helpful later.

Sync - You can synchronize your database with other members of your group or between devices.

Bookend's provides video tutorials for some of these functions.

Subject Guide

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Bookends Help & Training

Need Assistance? Sonny Software provides:


Or contact the libary at or x4314.