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Citation and Paper Management Tools: ReadCube

How to use tools for managing your a collection of citations or journal articles.

What is ReadCube?


ReadCube is a new desktop citation and PDF management application available in beta version to life sciences researchers. Use it: 

  • Save time. Create your article library instantly - import your PDFs in a single step. One-click download of related articles.
  • Be organized. All your articles in once place - they're full text searchable with your highlights and sticky notes.
  • Discover more. Stay on top of the latest research - relevant articles are automatically recommended every day.

    Why use ReadCube

    Learn more about the benefits of using ReadCube:

    • Freely available in public beta.
    • Designed by a researcher and a computer scientiest to address the challenges faced by scientists.
    • Mac and Windows compatible
    • ReadCube Web Reader is newly integrated with content from Nature and 18 Nature research journals.

    Getting Started

    Go to the ReadCube website and download the free app. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the software and register your account. Be sure to look for the confirmation email to register your confirmation code. You'll need to do this before you start using the program.

    ReadCube Preferences

    If you install the application on your personal computer at home or anywhere off campus, you can set your institutional affiliation and allow ReadCube to access the Arnold Library's full text subscriptions available through the our Proxy (Off-Campus Access) URL. If you are only using ReadCube on campus, this step is optional.

    To set the Proxy URL, look for the Preferences icon in the lower left corner of the application. Then click on the Institutional Affliation tab, and search and select Fred Hutchinson in the institution box. You may also Manually Enter Proxy URL, and enter this entire string in the text box as shown in the screen shot below:

    Using ReadCube Off-Campus

    Once you've set up your Institutional Affiliation (see above for instructions), look for the yellow bar across the top of the window that opens when you click on the "Download Article" links:

    Click on the bar and follow the instructions to login with your HutchNet ID and password:

    If you have any questions about setting up your institutional affiliation or have trouble with your HutchNetID and Password, please contact the library at or x4314.

    Subject Guide

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    Arnold Library
    Weintraub Building
    Mailstop: B1-010

    ReadCube Help & Training

    Support Center Need Assistance? Look for the Support Center icon  at the lower left corner or the Feedback button at the lower right corner of the application to access help tools from within ReadCube itself, or visit ReadCube Support online to:

    • Access the Knowledgebase to find helpful information and tips on using ReadCube
    • Contact Support for one-on-one help
    • Send feedback and suggestions on enhancements, improvements or new functionality

    Or contact the library at or x4314.