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MyNCBI and you!

Learn more about MyNCBI tools and how they collaborate with your eRA Commons account.

MyNCBI Support

Contact Allysha Eyler, MLIS
Scholarly Communications Librarian
Arnold Library - Weintraub Building, B1-010

What is My NCBI?

My NCBI allows you to customize your interactions with PubMed and other NCBI databases. 

  • Save your searches in PubMed
    • Periodically edit and/or re-run your searches as needed
    • Set email alerts to notify you when new research is published that meets your criteria
  • Apply filters to organize your search results in PubMed and other NCBI databases
    • Filter by free full text results including PubMed Central
    • Limit your searches to studies published within in certain timeframe
  • Create unique citation collections based on your search criteria
    • Use collection settings to share your collection with others
  • Maintain your publication list using My Bibligraphy for use in grant applications and progress reports
    • Assign delegate status to your administrator
      • Delegates can maintain Bibliography lists and use the NIHPA Compliance tool
  • Use My Bibliography tools to maintain compliance with the NIH Public Access policy
    •  Associate your awards with citations
    • Create clean, concise publication lists for grant reporting purposes

    Customize Searches by Setting the "Outside Tool" Option

    MyNCBI has preferences that you can set to customize your Pubmed experience. The Outside Tool option is important because it tells Pubmed which subscribing institution you belong to. Simply follow these detailed steps to enable Outside Tool on your account:

    1. When logged in and viewing your My NCBI homepage, you should see a link on the upper-right side of the screen.
    2. Click on NCBI Site Preferences.
    3. In the section titled PubMed Preferences, click on the link for Outside Tool.
    4. An alphabetical list of institutions will display. Choose F and click in the circle to the left of Fred Hutch to select this as your Outside Tool, then click save.

    This option enables Pubmed to recognize you as a Fred Hutch subscriber even if you didn't access Pubmed from the library's homepage link. As long as you are logged into your MyNCBI account, you will be recognized by PubMed as a Fred Hutch subscriber, even if you are off campus and not on the Fred Hutch network.

    The Outside Tool option provides easier access to Fred Hutch actual subscribed full-text articles via the FHCRC GET ARTICLE button (), which appears to the right of the generic full-text button. By utilizing the FHCRC Get Article button, you will be assured of accessing the Arnold library online subscription, instead of the publisher site.

    Save Searches & Set Email Alerts in MyNCBI

    Save Search Results in Collections using MyNCBI