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MCB517 Developmental Basis of Disease   Tags: mcb517, moens  

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Time & Location

September 26 - Dec 5, 2013
Tuesday and Thursday

1:30-3:00 p.m.
FHCRC Campus, Weintraub Bldg.
Room B1-072/074



10% class participation
10% quizzes
40% class presentations
40% final paper


Reference Books

Gilbert's Developmental Biology is on reserve in the copy room in the Arnold Library.

Cover Art
Developmental Biology - Scott F. Gilbert
ISBN: 0878933840
Publication Date: 2010-04-01

Cover Art
Mutants - Armand Leroi; Armand Marie Leroi
Call Number: QM 691 L617 2005
ISBN: 0142004820
Publication Date: 2005-01-25
Visit Armand Marie Leroi on the web: Stepping effortlessly from myth to cutting-edge science, Mutants gives a brilliant narrative account of our genetic code and the captivating people whose bodies have revealed it...

Cover Art
Embryos, Genes and Birth Defects - Patricia Ferretti (Editor); Andrew Copp (Editor); Patrizia Ferretti (Editor); Cheryll Tickle (Editor); Gudrun Moore (Editor)
Call Number: QS 675 E53 2006
ISBN: 9780470090107
Publication Date: 2006-05-26
The book presents key topics in developmental biology and explains how they provide the foundations for understanding clinical birth defects.



The class reading assignments and pdfs of slides for the lectures are available from the E-Reserves page (yellow tab above). Pdfs of my lectures will be posted on the course web by noon on the day of the lecture.


    Week 1 - Sept 23 - Introduction

    Course outline, forms of inheritance, early mammalian development


    Week 2 - Oct 1,3 - From the Trenches

    Oct 1: Current Approaches in Human Genetics Analysis
    Jay Shendure

    Oct 3: Clinical Genetics: Approaches to Diagnosis
    Dan Doherty


    Week 3- Oct 8, 10 - Polydactyly, Syndactyly, Phocomelia and Amelia: defects in limb development

    Oct 8 Lecture

    • Axial patterning of the limb and hand
    • Role of sonic hedgehog signaling in limb and digit patterning
    • Regulation of Hh signaling by the primary cilium

    Oct 10: Student Presentations
    See papers in eReserves



    Week 4 - Oct 15, 17 - Kartagener and Joubert Syndromes: defects in cilia formation and function

    Oct 15 - Lecture:

    • Primary cilia do more than Shh signaling
    • Motile cilia function in left-right asymmetry of the viscera
    • Nodal asymmetry and signaling
    • Asymmetric morphogenesis of the viscera

    Oct 17: Student presentations
    See papers in e-Reserves


    Week 5 - Oct 22, 24 - Lissencephalies: defects in neurogenesis and neuronal migation

    Oct 22 - Lecture

    • Assymetric cell division during neurogenesis
    • Neuronal radial migration

    Oct 24 - Student Presentations
    See papers in eReserves



    Week 6 - Oct 29, 31 -Cranioarachnoschisis and Spina bifida: defects in epithelial morphogenesis

    Oct 29 - Lecture

    • Planar cell polarity
    • Epithelial cell behaviors underlying morphogenesis

    Oct 31 - Student Presentations
    See papers in eReserves


    Week 7 - Nov 5, 7 - Alagile Syndrome: Molecular Clocks and Segmentation

    Nov 5 - Lecture

    • Notch signaling in cell fate specification
    • Mesoderm development
    • The Clock-and-wavefront model for mesodermal segmentation

    Nov 7 - Student Presentations
    See papers in eReserves


    Week 8 - Nov 12, 14 - Klinefelter's syndrome and the Guevedoche: Disorders of sex development

    Nov 12 - Lecture

    • Germline specification
    • Gonadal development
    • Mammalian sex determination

    Nov 14 - Student Presentations
    See papers in eReserves


    Week 9 - Nov 19, 21 -Cancer: A caricature of development

    Nov 19 - SPECIAL SEMINAR**
    at noon, Pelton Auditorium: Jeff Axelrod

    Nov 19 - Lecture

    • Stem cells and the process of terminal differentiation
    • Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition and the loss of tissue cohesion

    Nov 21 - Student Presentations
    See papers in eReserves


    Week 10 - Nov 26, Dec 3, 5 - Teratology and environmental influences on development

    Nov 26 - Lecture

    • Even mammalian embryos can be affected by the environment during gestation
    • Teratogens: Tretinoin, Thalidomide, Misoprostol, alcohol

    Dec 3: Student presentations:Cancer
    Dec 5: Student presentations: Teratology
    See papers in eReserves


    MCB 517 Faculty

    Course Instructors:

    Cecilia Moens
    FHCRC; UW Biological Structure, Biology Program

    Guest Lecturers:

    Jay Sendure
    Genome Sciences, UW

    Dan Doherty
    CHDD, UW





    View this extraordinary 1965 movie, "Overture" by Janos Vadosz in which chick development is set to Beethoven's Egmont Overture.



    Developmental Biology Symposium

     Winter Developmental Biology Symposium will be held on Saturday Dec 7th
     9 AM – 1 PM


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