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SEPGuides is the go-to place for all SEP kit protocols and activities, as well as the posting area for announcements and program updates. If something is missing or you have an idea to contribute, please e-mail us at

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Science Education Partnership SEP
Fred Hutch
1100 Fairview Ave N, A1-023
PO Box 19024
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 667-4487
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WOW - cellular animation

This video article from the New York Times shows how technology for movies like Avatar is melding with molecular biology to create something spectacular. (Requires Flash Player)


Welcome to the SEPGuide!

Science Education Partnership is a unique professional development program for secondary school science teachers in Washington state.  For 25 years, SEP has been offering teachers direct experience in state-of-the-art labs, support in developing engaging curricula, and access to valuable teaching tools. 

Why is this important to teachers? 

SEP offers teachers skills and experience in science education that they simply cannot get anywhere else – in the labs of Fred Hutch.  This is coupled with a unique blend of support from their scientist mentors, experienced lead teachers and program staff.  SEP helps teachers tap into a powerful network of peers that they can rely on throughout their careers. Also, SEP teachers have access to teaching Kits that contain equipment that many schools cannot afford.

Why is this important to students?

SEP curricula combines engaging scenarios with hands-on experiences to ignite newfound passion in students who may never have shown an interest in science. It helps students gain insight into the real-world applications of the materials they’re learning in school and get a feel for what it would be like to work as a scientist. 

Link to SEP online application

During 2016, SEP will work with existing SEP teachers to revise SEP kit-related learning experiences and curriculum.

We will not be hosting a new cohort in 2016, but hope you will apply for our 2017 cohort.

Supporting Statewide Science

Engage: The Science Speaker Series is a pilot program where UW PhD students build their skills of communicating with the public about their work.

You can sign up for the Engage: The Science Speaker Series email list on their website

SEP Teachers in the News

SEP Teacher Connie Franks hosted a team of students at the Kent School District Tech Expo. Her students used SEP kit equipment in demonstrations for the large crowds.

For more videos like this, click here to on head over to Kent School District's Technology Page!

Wow - Seasons from space

Around 6 a.m. local time each day, the Sun, Earth, and one of NASA's geosynchronous satellites form a right angle, affording a nadir (straight down) view of the terminator, the edge between the shadows of nightfall and the sunlight of dusk and dawn. The shape of this line between night and day varies with the seasons, which means different lengths of days and differing amounts of warming sunshine. (from NASA's Image of the Day website)

Check it out!!