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MyNCBI and you!

Learn more about MyNCBI tools and how they collaborate with your eRA Commons account.

My Bibliography Redesign (April 2019)

The National Library of Medicine is releasing a redesigned version of My Bibliography to better organize publications and allow eRA Commons users enhanced functionality to manage publication and product compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. My Bibliography 3.0 will be released soon. For more information, see the following NLM Technical Bulletins:

Managing NIH Public Access Policy Compliance

NCBI's My Bibliography feature allows users to see whether their publications comply with the NIH Public ACcess Policy, to start the compliance process for articles, and to associate their publication to NIH extramural awards.

To start, you'll need to ensure you have a linked account between eRA Commons and My NCBI.  To learn more about how to do this, visit the My NCBI and you homepage.

Using the Award View to Manage Compliance

My Bibliography includes a display option titled "Award View."  When viewing your publication list under this display, compliance status will be listed for each publication on your list through the use of color-coded dots.  Green means a paper is complete and compliant; Yellow indicates the paper is in process; Red means an article is non-compliant.  Papers that have unknown funding source are denoted with a question mark while papers where the NIH Policy does not apply are marked as N/A.

To learn more about the Award View in My NCBI, refer to the following My NCBI Help Manual:

Associating Funding with a Paper

Award associations for any paper included in your publications list can be made via My NCBI's My Bibliography.  Account holders are able to associate any grant with citations in their My Bibliography by searching for the award My Bibliography collections will be automatically updated when another adds their grant to a citation and additionally, users can filter their publication lists by award association.

To learn more, refer to the following NLM Technical Bulletin on recent changes to the Award features:

Creating a PDF Awards Compliance Report in My NCBI

My Bibliography was recently enhanced to include an option to generate a PDF format report. The is PDF option is a continuation page of form PHS 2590 to help eRA Commons users report publications.

To learn more about the PDF Compliance Report Generation, refer to the following NLM Technical bulletin on this enhancement:

Using MyNCBI's My Bibliography to perform NIH Public Access Policy Compliance Tasks

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