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MyNCBI and you!

Learn more about MyNCBI tools and how they collaborate with your eRA Commons account.

My Bibliography Redesign (April 2019)

The National Library of Medicine is releasing a redesigned version of My Bibliography to better organize publications and allow eRA Commons users enhanced functionality to manage publication and product compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. My Bibliography 3.0 will be released soon. For more information, see the following NLM Technical Bulletins:

Why should I do this?

My NCBI's My Bibliography replaced the eRA Commons publications list in October 2010. From NIH Notice NOT-OD-10-103 »

My Bibliography

My Bibliography allows you save your citations, whether they are journal articles, books/chapters, patents, presentations or meetings.  Import citations directly from PubMed or use the My NCBI templates to manually adde a citation.  My Bibliography allows centralized managment of your citations so you can collect, manage and share your scholarly works.

To learn more about My Bibliography, refer to the following section of the My NCBI Help Manual:

For PIs - Delegate Bibliography Management to Staff

To give a staff member or assistant Delegate status in your My NCBI account, complete the following steps:

  1. Login in to your My NCBI account
  2. Go to My Bibliography
  3. Make sure you have at least one paper in your bibliography *
  4. In the grey bar, click on Edit Bibliography Settings
  5. At the bottom of the Setting page, click the button to Add Delegates
  6. Enter the email of the person you'd like to delegate. They will receive an email from My NCBI with a link to confirm or decline the connection.

* If you don't see the option to Edit Bibliography Settings, you may need to add a citation. To do so, click on the blue plus sign. This will allow you to search PubMed and add citations. You need at least one paper in My Bibliography to engage the Delegation function.

For PIs & Staff - How to add Publications to My Bibliography

For Staff - Delegate Status Issues

Problem: Delegate status shows up with my email but another username.

Solution: When accepting delegate requests, be sure that you are not signed in to anyone else's eRA Commons OR My NCBI account.  This will confuse the system and delegation will not work.

MyNCBI's My Bibliography Video Overview