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SEPGuides: Science Education Partnership: Micropipetting - Measure for Measure

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Measure For Measure

Measure for Measure resources can be found on the Micropipet Kit page here:

Measure for Measure is a introductory activities for students who are new to micropipetting. This lesson introduces the 2-stops on a micropipet, the various ranges of different micropipets, and how to read and adjust the volume. Measure for Measure comes in 3 versions that differ by brand of pipet. Refer to the table in the section above to check which micropipets you will be getting in each kit.


Editable Versions

Micropipet Cards

Micropipetting Videos

Micropipet Quiz

In class assessments that can be used to test your students ability to read and set a micropipet. The answer sheets are the last page of each document.