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SEPGuides: Science Education Partnership: Fly Genetics Kit

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Kit Description


4 Kits

1 Crate per kit

Students work with the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, one of the best model organisms for studying genetics, development, and behavior. In addition to basic information on handling the flies, the kit notebook has a number of interesting investigations that can be adapted for use with your students.  Some recommended activities are genetic crosses, polytene chromosome squashes, fly sperm observation, sexing flies, and testing fly behavior.

NOTES: Teacher must supply flies! (See "Obtaining Drosophila" below)

Obtaining Drosophila

Allow at least 2 weeks to propogate flies for class use in addition to the lead time for the request from UW or FlyBase.

For local requests of small starter stocks, please contact:

Dr. Celeste Berg
University of Washington
Genome Sciences, Box 355065
Foege Bldg, S433A
3720 15th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98195
206 (543-1622)

To order online:

Or try the official Drosophila source:


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Drosophila Frequently Asked Questions


Fly Genetics

Fly Notebook Table of Contents

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Care and Handling of Drosophila

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