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SEPGuides: Science Education Partnership: DNA Extraction Kit

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NSTA Science Teacher Article - A New Twist on DNA Extraction

Kit Description (kit updated 2018)

4 Kits Available: 1 Crate per Kit


(1) Protocol Design - Strawberry DNA Extraction

The Protocol Design Lesson Plan challenges students to develop their own procedure or protocol for extracting DNA from strawberry. This twist on the basic strawberry DNA extraction lesson plan incorporates engineering and experimentation as the students think about cell structure and the materials provided.

(2) Strawberry DNA Extraction

The Strawberry DNA Extraction offers students a chance to see DNA! Students are given the protocol for isolating DNA from strawberries or and then collect the DNA by spooling it onto wooden sticks. The kit also contains procedures for isolating DNA from other tissues as well as activities for teaching students how DNA is packaged in the cell, the concept of the genetic code, and DNA sequencing.

NOTE:  Teacher supplies onion or fruit, ethanol, ice, and/or pineapple juice. Frozen thymus is available from SEP upon request.

Additional Resources

Strawberry DNA Extraction: Student Protocol Design

This lesson, featured in the February 2019 issue of the Science Teacher, challenges students to design their own protocol to extract DNA from strawberries. Students are asked to use what they know about the structure of a cell to design their protocol given a list of resources. The Resource Cards list the available materials and their properties. See link to landing page below for full teaching materials.

TRADITIONAL Strawberry DNA Extraction Protocol

This is a version of the TRADITIONAL PROTOCOL for isolating DNA from strawberries.

Editable Version:


Older Versions of SEP's Strawberry DNA Extraction Protocol can be found here: