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SEPGuides: Science Education Partnership: Micropipet Kit

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Micropipets are a common laboratory instrument used for moving very small volumes of liquid, typically measured in microliters (µl), or 1/1000 of a milliliter. The micropipets and equipment in the kit are the same as those found in research laboratories.

Measuring very small metric volumes is essential for working with DNA samples, reagents, and enzymes like those found in the Gel Electrophoresis Kits.

Using micropipets offers an opportunity to consider several important concepts, especially accuracy and precision (or reproducibile vs. variable). Micropipets offer an engaging immersion in using metric volume measurements. For example, what's the volume of a red blood cell? How big are inkjet printer ink drops? How much liquid is in a tear drop?

2017 Updates

Measure for Measure Resources

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Editable Word Versions

Kit Description

We have four Micropipets Kits. Each kit has one brand of pipet. Look at the table below to see which pipet brand each kit contains and the ranges of pipets in the kits. At the bottom of the box is a sample Micropipet Inventory that shows what items and equipment are included.


Kit Type Ranges
#1 Ulster P10, P20, P200, P1000
#2 Oxford P10, P100, P1000
#3 Gilson/Rainin P10, P20, P200, P1000
#4 Gilson/Rainin P10, P20, P200, P1000

1 Crate per Kit

Videos and Virtual Labs

Extra Activities

Gilson/Rainin Micropipets

Micropipet Kit #3 and #4 use Gilson/Rainin Micropipets.

Ulster Micropipet

Micropipet Kit #1 uses Ulster pipets.

Oxford Micropipet

Micropipet Kit #2 has Oxford pipets in unique ranges. 8-P10, 8-P100, and 8-P1000s.

Finn Micropipet

The Finn Micropipets are not used in any of the micropipet kits, but here is a reference for teachers using Gel #12 or borrowing extra pipets. 

Clip Art and Graphics

These downloadable clip art images can be used for creating your own resources.

Microtube 250ul


Microtube Volumes

Downloadable clipart of microtubes filled with various quantities of liquid to help teachers and students "eyeball" different amounts.






Illustrations covering the different types of micropipets (Gilson/Rainin, Ulster and Oxford) included in SEP kits.




Gel Electrophoresis

Basic illustrations of the Dye Lab and Gel Lab protocols.


Micropipet Certified StickersMicropipet Certified Stamp

This image can be used as a stamp or sticker given to students for learning proper micropipetting techiniques.