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SEPGuides: Science Education Partnership: Clip Art!

SEPGuides is the go-to place for all SEP kit protocols and activities, as well as the posting area for announcements and program updates. If something is missing or you have an idea to contribute, please e-mail us at

Microtube Clipart

Microtube with 2ul

Microtube with 5ul


Microtube with 10ul

Microtube with 20ul

Microtube with 50ul

Microtube with 100ul

Microtube with 250ul

Microtube with 500ul

Microtube with 1000ul

Key of Various Volumes

Micropipet Clipart

Gilson-Rainin p10 tip

Gilson-Rainin p10 Example setting (9.3 ul)


Gilson-Rainin p10 top

Gilson-Rainin p20 tip

Gilson-Rainin p20 Example setting (17.4 ul)

Gilson-Rainin p20 top

Gilson-Rainin p200 tip

Gilson-Rainin p200 Example setting (25.0 ul)

Gilson-Rainin p200 top

Gilson-Rainin p1000 tip

Gilson-Rainin p1000 Example setting (1000.0 ul)

Gilson-Rainin p1000 top

Oxford p10 tip

Oxford p10 Example setting (7.55 ul)

Oxford p10 top

Oxford p20 tip

Oxford p20 Example setting (7.55 ul)

Oxford p20 top

Oxford p200 tip

Oxford p200 Example setting (75.5 ul)

Oxford p200 top

Oxford p1000 tip

Oxford p1000 Example setting (755.0 ul)

Oxford p1000 top

Ulster p10 tip

Ulster p10 Example setting (2.5 ul)

Ulster p10 top

Ulster p20 tip

Ulster p20 Example setting (15.3 ul)

Ulster p20 top

Ulster p200 tip

Ulster p200 Example setting (128.0 ul)

Ulster p200 top

Ulster p1000 tip

Ulster p1000 Example setting (990.0 ul)

Ulster p1000 top

Gel Clipart

Number the microtubes

Pipet sample into tubes


Balanced centrifuge

Weigh agarose

Beaker with agarose and buffer

Swirling beaker

Microwave the agarose

Agarose boiling

Beaker in a waterbath

Beaker with melted agarose

Place dams in gel box

Place comb in gel box
(Dye Lab)

Place comb in gel box
(DNA Labs)

Pour agarose into gel box
(Dye Lab)

Pour agarose into gel box
(DNA Labs)

Remove comb and dams
(Dye Lab)

Remove comb and dams
(DNA Labs)

Add running buffer
(Dye Lab)

Add running buffer
(DNA Labs)

Load wells
(Dye Lab)

Load wells
(DNA Labs)

Connect to power

Gel on plastic wrap
(Dye Lab)

Mark dye spots
(Dye Lab)

Blot Record
(Dye Lab)

Measure dots
(Dye Lab)