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SEPGuides: Science Education Partnership: Teacher Sharing

SEPGuides is the go-to place for all SEP kit protocols and activities, as well as the posting area for announcements and program updates. If something is missing or you have an idea to contribute, please e-mail us at

Teacher Shared Google Folder

  • Currently the folder contains a several subfolders on SEP kit-related topics shared by SEP teachers.
  • There is also a subfolder on CRISPR resources, videos, and lessons. 
  • Feel free to create new folders to add other resources you'd like to share but model the general structure in the CRISPR folder (for example, articles and videos are probably easiest to share in a hyperlinked document and SEP Teacher Lessons in their own folder).
  • We are open to your ideas for making this more user-friendly. 
  • Please indicate your name on any lessons that you have developed.