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Science Resources for High School Students & Interns: Manage Citations

Created for high school students.

What are citations and why do scientists need a way to manage them?

Scientists do research that generates new knowledge. Scientists share that new knowledge primarily in peer-reviewed journal articles. "Peer-reviewed" means that other scientists, who were not directly involved in the research described in the article, reviewed the article and believe that the research described in it is sound. There is a vast body of knowledge published in this peer-reviewed format.

Further, each peer-reviewed research article cites, or makes reference to, previously published articles. The number of citations made in a single article can range from just a few to over a hundred. That's a lot of citations to keep track of! For example, a scientist studying a flu epidemic might reference articles published on previous flu epidemics. You can search for peer-reviewed articles by topic, author, or year in the Science Journals & Articles tab above.

Scientists use software to help them manage all the articles they might want to cite. Zotero, describe below, can help you do that.

Citation Machine

Use the Citation Machine to generate quick, easy, correct citations.

What is Zotero?

       EndNote Web

Zotero is a free Firefox extension that allows you to collect, manage, cite, & share research sources.

  • Collect bibliographic references, pdf's, images, web pages, and sound recordings.
  • Organize collections by project or topic.
  • Tag, append notes, attach files and search your items.
  • Insert citations and create bibliographies in Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.
  • Use Zotero from multiple computers and create groups to share items.

Why use Zotero?

  • It's free, open source, and extensible.

  • Integrated in the web browser so there is no software to install.

  • Ability to easily use and sync your library from multiple computers.
  • Create groups to collaborate with colleagues.

Getting Started

From the Library Resources page click on the link for Zotero.
First time users must sign up for an individual account, after that log-in with your chosen Log-in Name and Password.

To use Zotero with Mircosoft Word and OpenOffice you will need to first install the word processor plugin for the application you are using.

Using Zotero

Start building your library - There are several ways to add to your citation database including importing items that Zotero automatically finds on web pages, conversion from other bibliographic software such as Reference Manager and Endnote, retrieval of items based on unique identifier, and the manual creation of records.  Click on the link to learn more about building your reference library.

Organize your library - Use folders and tags to organize your library by project or topic.

Searching your library - Search on metadata, tags, or content to find items in your collection.  Advanced search allows you to save search that automatically update when new items are added.  Zotero also support full text indexing of pdf's.

Create a bibliography - Automatically create bibliographies from cited items within the word processor. Or create bibliographies manually and import them into your document.

Citing items - Insert citations, footnotes, and endnotes directly from the word processing software.  Include multiple sources for the same citation. Quickly change the citation style for the whole document.

Converting from other bibliographic software - Easily import or export you existing bibliographic items between Zotero, EndNote and Reference Manager.

Collaborate- Share your citations lists with colleagues by creating a group.  Groups have their own web page and members can add, edit, and delete items.  Groups can be set to public or private.

Zotero Help & Training

Need Assistance? Click on the Support tab on the Zotero website to access documentation and tutorials.

Or contact the library at or x4314.

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