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Archive of SEPGuides (5.1.2017): DNA Extraction Kit

Kit Description (kit updated Jan 2014)

4 Kits Available

1 Crate per Kit

The DNA Extraction Kit offers students a chance to see DNA! Students isolate DNA from strawberries or onions, and then collect the DNA by spooling it onto wooden sticks. The kit also contains procedures for isolating DNA from other tissues as well as activities for teaching students how DNA is packaged in the cell, the concept of the genetic code, and DNA sequencing.

NOTE:  Teacher supplies onion or fruit, ethanol, and ice. Frozen thymus is available from SEP upon request.

January 2014: added small funnels (20) and supplies for strawberry DNA extraction. Removed older resources, X ray sequencing films. Added GATTACA DVDs.

Additional Resources

"At the Bench is the unique and hugely successful handbook for living and working in the laboratory, an essential aid to understanding basic lab techniques and how research groups work at a human level."

Useful Links

Examples of DNA models we like are under the yellow tab for Molecular Modeling, select Models and Model Kits.

DNA Frequently Asked Questions


DNA Extraction Kit Notebook Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Tab Document
Kit Inventory
Complete List of Equipment and Materials Included
DNA Extraction Kit Inventory List
The Stuff That Genes Are Made of
Teacher's Guide
Student Protocol
Extracting DNA from Living Cells
Solutions How to Make Solutions and Dilutions in the Lab
From At the Bench:A Laboratory Navigator by Kathy Barker, 1998
Other DNA Extraction Methods
Strawberry DNA
SEP's twist on a simple and fun DNA extraction protocol.
Down and Dirty DNA Extraction
This link will take you to the website which has a great variety of teaching resources.
DNA Extraction from Human Epithelial (cheek) Cells
Berry Full of DNA
This link will take you to a pdf from the Carnegie Institution website.
How to Extract DNA from Anything Living
This link will take you to the Genetic Science Learning Center website.
DNA Spooling From Thymus
Teacher's Guide and Student Protocol Lab 301, San Mateo County Education Biotechnology Partnership, hard copy only 1993
DNA Size
DNA as Videotape, A Quick Teaching Analogy
This link will take you to the University of Wisconsin's Biotech Outreach website.
The Size of the Genome
from Unit I, Basic Concepts in Molecular Biology
Genome Sizes Graph
from Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts 1989
The Size of Some Human Genes in Thousands of Nucleotides
from Molecular Biology of the Cell, Alberts 1989
DNA Code A Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid
This link will take you to a page where you can download a pdf of Watson and Crick's famous 1953 paper.
More About Codes
from MSEC
DNA Code Exercise Overheads - an SEP original
The old dog ran and the fox did too. . .needs to be scanned or reprinted
DNA Investigations: Simulating modern lab techniques
The Science Teacher, Dec 1991
DNA Sequencing Reading DNA Sequence From Films hard copy only
an activity to read old sequencing films
Dideoxy Method for Sequencing DNA
from A First Course in Recombinant DNA Technology Cold Spring Harbor 1990
Can You Read Your DNA Sequence? in color hard copy only
ABI Prism Computer Sequencing Readout hard copy only
Karyotype, Human Male
Karytype, Dog
Karyotype, Baboon
Karyotype, Abnormal Human Male
Karyotype, Human Male with Leukemia, Translocation
Transparencies Levels of Chromatin Packing
A link to a PDF from Access Excellence
Deoxyribonucleic Acid Chemical Structure
From NIH National Human Genome Research Institute
Lab Safety Safety Training Notes
From Flinn Scientific Inc
Laboratory Safety
From Laboratory DNA Science, 1996
Materials and Equipment Preparing Solutions from Appendix IV, More Biology in the Laboratory
Papain information
from catalogue
Bromelain information
from catalogue