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Archive of SEPGuides (5.1.2017): Journals, Writing, Flowcharts

On-line Resources for Lab Journals & Notebooks

Flow Charts for Lab Protocols

Example from the Dye/pH Indicator Lab

The Gel Electrophoresis clip art examples (see Yellow Tabs at top of page) give some icon examples .

SEP Resources

For student lab journals:  Buy inexpensive bound journals or composition books. On the first day of use, have the students number all the pages in the upper right hand corner. Have them leave the first few pages empty to use for creating an ongoing table of contents.

Books in the SEP Resource Library:

The New Science Literacy—using language skills to help students learn science. Marlene Thier with Bennett Daviss (2002)

Writing to Learn Biology. Randy Moore (1992)

Keys to Science Success. Janet Katz with Carter, Bishop, and Kravits (2000). Prentice Hall, Inc. Upper Saddle River, NJ.  A good guide for student thinking, writing, and related skills for science success.

How to Use Science Notebooks in Your Classroom (chapter 11 in The Biology Teacher's Handbook, 4th edition, 2009) from BSCS and NSTA

Science notebook instructions and rubrics from SEP teachers.

CPR2: Concepts, Processes, Results, Reflections