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3D Printing: What Can You Print?

A guide for using 3D printing in lab.


3D printing for wet lab or research can be cost-saving and innovative. 

Gel Combs  Being able to customize, print and replace gel combs for only a few cents a comb can save time on your projects. 

Slide mounts /

microscope equipment

Can be a significantly cheaper than purchasing missing parts or buying custom.
Models Having tangible 3D prints of a protein can help in understanding some of its structure. For example, we've printed recBCD in which the model clearly displayed the swinging arm of recB and is resting place when inactive.
Other custom designs We're currently working on a custom imaging window for mice. A 3D-printed FDA-approved nylon would be used to replace the custom titanium ring that holds the glass slip. We're still working on this one.


Horizon Gel Box Comb

12-Well Horizon Gel Box Comb

8-Well Standard Horizon Gel Comb

Microscope Clip

Please credit SEP when printing at home or at school.

Example pics

Gel Comb in CAD

Active recBCD modelActive recBCD model

Inactive recBCD model

Inactive recBCD model