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Shared Resources Computer Lab & Copy Room

Accessible to Fred Hutch employees via employee badge 24/7/365. Non-employees are welcome weekdays during business hours, 9-5.


The Arnold Library hosts the Shared Resources Computer Lab as well as a Copy Room on the first floor of the Weintraub building.

The Computer Lab & Copy Room exist to support research, publishing and extend the scholarly communications toolkit available to Fred Hutch investigators and students by offering access to specialized or high-demand applications and computer hardware.


Contact Shared Resources IT Support
Arnold Library - Weintraub Building, B1-010


  Internet-enabled Printing Scanning Cost Restrictions
Web Terminals Yes Color, Black & White No No No
PCs (Windows) Yes Color, Black & White - Seven No Warning HutchNet ID log-in required
Macs (Apple) Yes Color, Black & White

- Cesium

- Cobalt

No No
Self-service Copier Yes Color, Black & White Yes Budget number Warning Employee badge association required prior to use. See CenterNet for more information.

Web Terminals

Visitors can remotely access their email and any other web-based information by utilizing one of our two web workstation computers. These dedicated computers do not require a log-in and are not password protected.


Note: The Windows computers have restricted access and require a HutchNet ID for use. Visitors without a HutchNet ID and password may use the Macs or dedicated web terminals.

PCs (Windows)

The Computer Lab provides seven PCs, four equipped with Windows 7 and three with Windows 10, which include not only the Microsoft Office suite, but also more research-specific software. USB storage devices can also be used on these machines. PC Seven has scanning abilities via a flatbed scanner.

Macs (Apple)

Mac users can access any of the nine Apple desktops available in the library. These computers run OSX and, similar to the PCs, provide access to the internet, research databases, and scientific software. Two of the Macs are connected to scanners.


All of the computers in the library are networked to both color and black and white printers. Visitors are welcome to connect wirelessly to either of these printers using the IP address adhered to the front of each printer. Info There is no charge to patrons for printing.


Computers in the Lab offer a wide variety of software, including:

  • general productivity (MS Office, Acrobat Pro, etc.)
  • multimedia design and editing tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.)
  • applications used to analyze and visualize data from specific Shared Resources equipment and instruments (GeneMapper, FlowJo, Aperio Imagescope, etc.)

For specific software available on each individual machine, see the spreadsheet of available software, below:

Self-service Copy Room

The library's Copy Room contains a self-service copy machine that is operated by the Fred Hutch Copy Center. More information about using Self-Service Copiers is available on CenterNet.

Note: Badges must be associated prior to working on the copiers; badge association is done at the Copy Center located at J1-402.

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