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MCB 532 Human Pathogenic Viruses: Class Schedule

Course description: Students will learn basic and advanced concepts in virology by focusing on major groups of human pathogenic viruses. The major emphasis will be on virus replication, evolution, and pathogenesis. Offered Autumn Quarter of odd years.


This class will next be offered Autumn quarter 2023. The material on this website refers to the curriculum from the Autumn quarter 2021 class. 

Class size is limited to 32 students in the MCB, Microbiology,  Pathobiology, or Immunolgy Ph.D programs. Other programs by permission of instructor.  Add codes are available from Mauro Do <>.

Grading: 40% of your grade is based on class participation, 30% on the problem sets, and 30% on the final project.  Every class consists of a both a lecture and discussion of a paper.

Class is offered autumn quarter of odd years. 

Michael Emerman <>


Schedule for 2021

Lecture schedule for 2021

Class Schedule

Go to "Lectures and Discussion Papers" page to download the lectures and find the Discussion papers.  Lecture files will be uploaded a day or so before the actual lecture.


Profile Photo
Michael Emerman
Room C2-019
Hutchinson Building
Phone = 206-667-5058

Class TA

Vanessa Montoya,

Time and Location

Autumn Quarter, odd years.
Tuesday and Thursday

B1-072/B1-074 Weintraub Bldg
Fred Hutch