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Conj 529 Cell Migration: Home

This course addresses the fundamentals of cell motility, moving from the intracellular machinery, through cell migration in developing organisms,, all the way to cancer cell migration in metastasis.

Time & Location

Nov 01 - Dec 084, 2018
Tuesday and Thursday

3:20-4:40 p.m.
Room B1-072
FHCRC Campus, Weintraub Bldg.


Grading is based:

  • 50%: in-class discussions. Every other class will be a literature review. Students should read all the assigned paper as they will be called on to present the key points of one  or more of the figures from the assigned papers. 
  • 50%: a written assignment, due on the Tuesday after the last day of class (50%). The assignment will be a 2-page mini-review on any recent paper(s) on cell migration. Papers chosen to be reviewed should not be one of the ones discussed in class and should be approved by the course faculty. 


Class Schedule: Week 6

Thursday, Nov 1

Lecture 1 (Jon Cooper) Cell movement at the molecular scale: actin polymerization and its regulation; anchoring of actin filaments at focal adhesions; mechano-sensing at focal adhesions; localized Rac activation

Tuesday Nov 6

Changede et al. 2018.  Ligand Geometry Controls Adhesion formation via Integrin Clustering

Allen et al 2018. Cell Mechanics at the Rear Act To Steer the Direction of Cell Migration

Slides from lecture and papers are in eReserves

Week 7

Thursday Nov 8

Lecture 2 (Kevin Cheung) Cell polarization and migration in response to chemotropic cues. 
Cell movement in 2D and 3D in vitro: mechanisms that confer and maintain cell polarity, ways that external signals can polarize cells and provide direction to migration.

Tuesday Nov 13

Kriebel et al, 2018

Yang, Collins, and Meyer, 2016

Slides from lecture and papers are in eReserves

Week 8

Thursday Nov 15

Lecture 3 (Cecilia Moens) Cell migration in vivo
How the concepts and molecules we learned about in Lectures 1 and 2 apply to cells moving in the context of a developing animal

Tuesday Nov 20

Naegeli et al, 2017

Goudarzi et al, 2017

Slides from lecture and papers are in eReserves

Week 9

Tuesday Nov 27

Lecture 4 (Cecilia Moens) Collective cell migration in development
How cells moving as a collective overcome constraints to migration in vivo and accomplish more persistent long-range migration.

Thursday Nov 29

Shellard et al, 2018, Science

Dona et al, 2013, Nature

Slides from lecture and papers are in eReserves

Week 10

Tuesday Dec 4

Lecture 5 (Kevin Cheung) Cancer cell migration and the metastatic phenotype
Cell adhesion and migration, tumor cell plasticity, matrix remodeling, interactionswith the tumor microenvironment

Thursday Dec 6

Pereira et al, 2018. Science

Labernadie et al, 2017. Nature Cell Biology

Slides from lecture and papers are in eReserves

Conj 529 Faculty

Course Instructors:

Jon Cooper
FHCRC Basic Sciences

Cecilia Moens
FHCRC Basic Sciences

Kevin Cheung
FHCRC Translational Research Program

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