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Conj 537 Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation: Class Schedule

A five week graduate survey course concentrating on biochemical mechanisms of gene transcription.

Time & Location

Autumn Quarter 2020

1.5 credits, weeks 6-10 (Nov 5 - Dec 8)

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Times: 3:20-4:40

Place: Zoom

Course Description

A five week graduate survey course concentrating on biochemical mechanisms of gene transcription. The course will cover broad range of transcriptional regulation including: Mechanisms of transcriptional initiation (Steve Hahn); Regulation of transcription by chromatin (Toshio Tsukiyama); Chromatin dysregulation in cancer (Sita Kugel); Chromatin control during infection (Daphne Avgousti.

Lecture Schedule

Lecture dates, topics and lecturer are listed below. Copies of all the readings are available in the eReserves (select the tab above).

Lecture slides will be ready for downloading by the day of the lecture and can also be found in eReserves.

A copy of the entire lecture schedule is available for download above.

Lecture 1 - Nov 5, 2020

RNA polymerases and regulation by phosphorylation
Steve Hahn

Homework #1 to be handed out (due 12/01)

Lecture 2 - Nov 10 2020

Transcription elongation and regulation by Polymerase pausing
Steve Hahn

Lecture 3 - Nov 12, 2020

Transcription initiation, promoters, and TBP-DNA loading mechanisms
Steve Hahn

Lecture 4 - Nov 17, 2020

Enhancers, coactivators, transcription factors, and gene activation/repression
Steve Hahn

Homework#1 to be handed out.(due 11/20)

Lecture 5 - Nov 17, 2020

Chromatin and Transcription: General Overview
Toshi Tsukiyama

Lecture 6 - Nov 19, 2020

Histone Modifying Enzymes
Toshi Tsukiyama

Homework #1 due

lecture 7 - Dec 01, 2020

ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling factors
Toshi Tsukiyama

Homework #2 to be handed out (due 12/4)

Homework #1 to be returned


Lecture 8 - Dec 03, 2020

Chromatin dysregulation in Cancer
Sita Kugel



Lecture 9 - Dec 08, 2020

Chromatin control during infection
Daphne Avgousti

Homework #2 due

Course Organizer

Course Organizer:

Toshio Tsukiyama, Ph.D.

Additional Lecturers:

Steve Hahn

Sita Kugel 

Daphne Avgousti