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Project Violet Exploration - Classroom Resources: Teacher Information & Signup

Ideas and resources to bring Project Violet to the classroom through science and exploration.


In this section you will find further information about how to bring Project Violet to your classrooms. Please feel free to ask any additional questions via the sign-in section above, or directly to Neha at We recognize that every school and classroom differ, so we would like to work with you to make sure we obtain a best-fit in regards to bringing Project Violet to your classroom.


1.   Why are we bringing Project Violet to classrooms?

      Project Violet is a 'citizen science' project, and we wanted to include students as being citizens who can get involved as well. The way students can get involved is by diving into the learning process about cancer, cancer research, and Project Violet. We felt that this Project might be particularly compelling to students because it is inspired by kids with cancer and by nature - the research stems directly from interesting proteins that different species in nature make. It also allows students to explore different aspects of Project Violet to see a real-life example of how many different components of science go into just one research project.


2.   Where can we find more information about Project Violet?

      The following two sites contain more information about this research project at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center:


3.   What is the time commitment?

      There is no particular time commitment - it can be as short as a couple hours (just exploring and discussing the PVex website) to as long as you would like. The PVex website and activities are just some ideas of what we can bring to the classroom, but we are open to working with you to incorporate it further into your classroom as well!


4.   What is a list of available activities?

      This website has the Project Violet classroom activities. Some of them may be better suited to certain ages, but many of them can be adjusted to fit a range of ages. You may click on the individual tabs in the website, or click on the links from the home page:

      Also, in the section below ('Sample Classroom Modules') there are a few sample modules that you can use as a guide to introducing Project Violet.


5.   Who can I contact for more information?

      Please feel free to contact Neha Lohia ( with any questions, comments, or if you want to discuss bringing Project Violet to your school or classroom. Also, there is a 'sign-up' section towards the bottom of the page which you can also use to get in touch with us initially if you are interested in the project.

Project Violet Exploration (PVex) Website

Below is the link to the Project Violet Exploration (PVex) website. This website is for students to read all about and explore the different aspects of Project Violet. It contains a variety of sections including the science, the species, the careers, the diseases, etc..

Sample Classroom Modules

Below are some examples of how you can bring Project Violet to your classroom/school. There are just four sample modules listed that differ by age range and length of time needed, so please feel free to modify depending on your students interests and level. We are here to help with this, so please contact us if you would like guidance in figuring out a good set of activities for your class given the level and time, or if we can work with you to adjust a particular activity to better fit your classroom's needs.

1.   Grade Level:  5 - 8   //   Time Commitment:  Short


2.   Grade Level:  5 - 8   //   Time Commitment:  Long


3.   Grade Level:  9 - 12   //   Time Commitment:  Short


4.   Grade Level:  9 - 12   //   Time Commitment:  Long