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Project Violet Exploration - Classroom Resources: PVex Website Guides

Ideas and resources to bring Project Violet to the classroom through science and exploration.

Basic Overview

The Project Violet website for students, 'Project Violet Exploration' (or 'PVex' for short), can be viewed as a site to:

a) let students explore on their own, allowing them to focus on their own interests within Project Violet

b) gather and learn certain information about Project Violet

For purpose (b), to gather and learn certain PV information, a more structured viewing could be helpful. We have put together some questions to help guide the students through the key science aspects of Project Violet. This can, of course, be expanded upon to best fit the needs of your classroom.



* Idea Credit:  Tami Caraballo (Glacier Peak High School)

Instructions & Materials

1.  The Project Violet Exploration (PVex) website:


2.  The following documents are instructions and questionnaires designed to help guide users through the science in the site. The 'short' version is meant for younger students and the 'longer' version for older students: