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Project Violet Exploration - Classroom Resources: Home

Ideas and resources to bring Project Violet to the classroom through science and exploration.

The Site

Welcome! The following links will direct you to specific classroom activities that you are welcome to use and adjust for your classroom needs.



Project Violet in the Classroom


Welcome to our site! Here you will find some classroom activities and resources pertaining to Project Violet.

Inspired by children suffering from brain cancer, Project Violet is powered by the people. Project Violet is building a “citizen science” community to research a new class of medicines derived from nature. This project has a new and unique way of accelerating research on potentially life-saving drugs for many diseases. These drugs, called Optides, utilize systems that nature has created through thousands of years of evolutionary changes, such as plants and animals that have developed methods to battle disease, pests, and predators. Dr. Jim Olson and his team at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are harnessing this information and are rapidly creating and testing new Optides in their drug discovery process.

For students, there is no better place to start involvement than through learning about Project Violet and exploring the different science aspects involved in the endeavor.

Most of the activities on this site are simple and short projects. If you would like to expand upon this and/or adjust these activities for your classroom, we will be happy to work with you to create an experience to fit your classroom; please contact Neha Lohia (

If you have not yet seen the Project Violet websites, we encourage you to start there:

Project Violet

Project Violet Exploration


Students from Glacier Peak High School displaying their Project Violet Projects!