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Project Violet Exploration: The Activities

Come investigate the many elements of Project Violet!

DIY Protein Bracelets

Create your own amino acid bracelet that represents one of the molecules the scientists of Project Violet are working on!

DIY 3D Molecular Model

Hefutoxin is one of the molecules being researched in Project Violet. The way a protein 'folds' determines its shape and function. Discover how this molecule folds up by creating your own 3D paper model of it.


Interactive Animations, Information, & Simulations

Apps (iPad/iPhone)

Informational Media Coverage


Suddenly Hope - Project Violet

How Nature and a 9-Year Old Are Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Dr. Jim Olson at TEDxSeattle

A three-minute film about a tiny molecule that lights up brain tumors so neurosurgeons can better distinguish cancer from normal tissue - a Sundance Festival finalist.